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terms and conditions

Booking Policy

Honey Bee Vineyard is a multi-acre outdoor vineyard and photography property located in Augusta, Missouri the first Area Viticultural Area (AVA). The original wine cellar has antique props that are included for careful and considerate use in all booking fees. Prior approval must be requested before moving any props, and must be returned back to their original location before the booking session is complete. A full restroom is available in the private residence. There are no kitchen facilities available. Electrical outlets are available on a limited basis. Driving onto the property to load/unload equipment is possible with advance agreement by Honey Bee Vineyard. Absolutely no entry to the private residence located on the property is permitted other than to use the restroom facilities.

Personal Photography Shoots Personal (non-commercial)

Photography shoots may be booked directly on the website using the booking tool. A variety of packages are available for your convenience. All bookings require pre-payment and are non-refundable for any reason including weather. Rescheduling may be permitted with advance notice and within a reasonable amount of time.

Commercial Photography Shoots, Location Shoots for film/music/video, etc.

Bookings other than personal photography sessions require a custom proposal and contract. Please contact for more information.


Pricing / Payments

Fees collected from photography sessions help to preserve the grounds, and support our vineyard maintenance.


Property Access

All property access must be made by advance booking only. Honey Bee Vineyard reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography/videography and/or to change its photo policy without advance notice.



Restrooms are available in the private residence. Payment We accept electronic payment via our website only for Personal Photography Shoots. As a reminder, confirmed and paid bookings are non-refundable for any reason, including weather.


Arrival / Departure / Booking Times

Out of respect to other photographers and guests, please limit your sessions to the start and stop times of the booking. No early arrival or late departure allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


Photo Credit

Photographs may be published on social media giving credit to Honey Bee Vineyard. In return, Honey Bee Vineyard may repost and reuse for its own social media and website any images previously posted by the client or photographer.



Photographers will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Honey Bee Vineyard, its employees, officers, directors, exhibiting artist, and Affiliates from and against any and all cost, claims, liabilities, or damages incurred including without limitation all attorney’s fees that arise out of or related to the shoot; by photographers use of recorded footage; or see photographers breach of these regulations. Photographers’ obligation to indemnify is subject to the condition that it is given primary control of and all reasonably requested assistance a photographer's expense for the defense of such claims, with Council reasonably satisfactory to the indemnified parties, provided that the indemnified parties shall not be required to admit liability. Without limiting the foregoing, the indemnified party or parties may participate in the defense at its core their own expense, and with their own counsel, provided that if the indemnified party or parties reasonably conclude that the photographer has conflicting interest or different defenses available with respect to such claims, the reasonable fees and expenses of one Council to the indemnified parties will be considered cost for the purposes of this section. Photographers shall not enter into or acquiesce to any settlement containing any admission of or stipulation to any guilt, fault, liability, or wrongdoing on the part of the indemnified parties, or which would otherwise adversely affect the indemnified parties, without Honey Bee Vineyard’s prior written consent. Photographer shall keep the indemnified party advised of the status of the claims and the defenses there of and shall consider in good faith the recommendations made by the ending indemnified parties with respect thereto.


Personal Items

Honey Bee Vineyard is not responsible for any personal belongings. Photo shoot participants are required to keep the shooting areas tidy. Clients must remove all personal items from the areas used and place trash in the receptacles.



Honey Bee Vineyard does not represent or warrant that it owns or controls the rights to any or all of the works shot located on vineyard property. The photographer understands and agrees that the permissions granted under this agreement exclude any and all copyrights, other proprietary rights, rights of privacy, or rights of publicity whether any such rights arise under the law of the United States other countries or other jurisdictions owned by other persons or entities other than secret. It is the photographer's responsibility to obtain any and all such other permissions or licenses necessary to reproduce or otherwise use any of the reproductions or images resulting from the shoot in accordance with this agreement. Style photo credit must be given to Honey Bee Vineyard for all stylized or commercial photography.



Outside props for photography must be approved and advanced (furniture, cars, etc..). No stylized, for profit, for publication, commercial, or fashion shoots without prior approval. No nudity without prior approval. Honey Bee Vineyard reserves the right to remove any client and or photographer as well as cancel any booking if these guidelines are not strictly followed without refund. Other photo shoots may be scheduled during the time of your appointment. Client is responsible for any damages to Honey Bee Vineyard grounds or property and will be invoiced for damage amounts. All minors must be under adult supervision at all times and are the sole responsibility of the client. Dogs are allowed on a leash only with prior permission.



Please contact us at if you have any questions! We appreciate your business. Thank you for your interest in shooting with Honey Bee Vineyard!

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