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Melissa & Paul


Chester the Vineyard Boss


Paul (my better half) and I bought our vineyard and its hardy Vidal Blanc grapes in December 2016. Although we were not looking, we were both curious when it mentioned wine, vineyards, the Katy Trail, and an 1860 wine cellar with 80’ bluff views.  My husband is originally from Hamilton, Ontario Canada, and I grew up in St. Peters, Missouri. When we got married, we lived in Canada near the Niagara escarpment where Vidal Blanc grapes are widely grown and well known for awarding winning ice wine.

The unique connection is that although we were familiar with the Vidal Blanc grape from living in Ontario, we discovered that this varietal that we had bought had a rich history as a French hybrid and is a winemakers dream in creating a variety of wines whether it be an ice wine or a buttery semi-dry wine. As well, owning a vineyard and selling our grapes to a local winery in America’s first AVA (American Viticultural Area) is very special. So, when you buy a vineyard, you need to choose a name, right? Well, after discussing a variety of names including our last name, Paul suggested the name Honey Bee Vineyard because Melissa in Greek means Honey Bee. My grandmother used to call me her little honey bee so my husband thought it seemed appropriate since he refers to the property as my vineyard. I know…very sweet!

That being said, over the years we have enjoyed sharing our property with family and friends, but because the property is so unique, we frequently receive requests for engagement and wedding photo shoots, musicians recording music in the cellar, wedding proposals, and artists wanting to paint on the property. All of this inspired us to open our property by appointment only for a more intimate experience as a location destination for photographers, artists, and musicians or anyone wanting to be creative, but also for brides looking for that perfect location to be photographed for their special day. We have always said that our property is just too special not to share with others so we hope that those who choose to visit Honey Bee Vineyard enjoy the many special places on the property. So, with that, Bee yourself and Bee creative!

Melissa (aka, Honey Bee)

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